About Wake Up Frankie

FrankieWAKE UP FRANKIE.com was launched in 2001 when Frankie was only 14 years old. She convinced investors that there was a teen market for her very different and funky bedding designs. Selling directly to her peers on-line was the new way to shop. Having a designer the same age as the customer allows the brand WAKE UP FRANKIE to be very in tune with what is current, trendy, and a little off beat. Wake Up Frankie designs and manufactures all of its own bedding collections. In addition to the original brand "Wake Up Frankie," she developed her "Pink Label", "Glam" and  "Runway to your Room" labels.

Wake Up Frankie is a lifestyle brand, that caters to the fashionistas of the world who want to have it all - stylish clothing, stylish bedroom = stylish life!

Frankie encourages her fans to be creative and mix/match patterns, colors and styles (so very un-“bed in a bag”.) Wake Up Frankie is unique with our product and marketing approach. Having fun with our names, styles and messages is all part of being cutting edge!

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