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Love this bedding and decoration!!!! There's nothing I would change.

Scottsdale, AZ  

I love everything I see. I don't know what to purchase first. You offer various styles and all the colors I love. The pinks and lime greens are my absolute faves. Keep doing what you're doing and we'll be a loyal customer. I'm sooo glad I found you.

Richmond, VA  


Brooklyn, NY 

Happened upon you by accident...fell in love and can't wait to show my daughter!

Kouts, IN

We just received our bedding today and we absolutely love it!  Thanks for the fast shipping and good quality product. I will definately shop here again. Great experience.

Lynne S.

I've been searching EVERYWHERE for fashionable teen bedding! It's all either too plain or too little kiddy. But your guys' stuff is perfect!! Tre cute!!I know I'm going to find my dream bed set here.

Lakewood, WA 

Wake Up Frankie is the best online store in theworld! I will ALWAYS order from you guys!

Apple Valley, CA 

I absolutely love this website! I plan on buying all my bedroom stuff from here when I get my apartment in the fall!

Opelika, AL  

Love the vibrant not boring!!!

Whaleyville, MD 

Love, love love you - Fab.....delish and I would decorate my entire house but I would have to neuter my husband first and what fun would that be.

Guntersville, AL

My new favorite website! My parents are building a new house and my little sister have picked out like our entire new bedrooms from the website! Love everything about this website! Great Styles!

Troy, MI

Adore just about EVERYTHING on the site. Can't wait to redecorate my daughter's room. Maybe mine too!

Olive Branch, MS

I am in love with your designs! I am re-doing my daughter's room and I can't wait to order the magenta duvet cover! It's gorgeous! My daughter is 11 yrs and I have a baby sister who is 16 yrs. My sister is also re-doing her room and I may order off your site for an end of school gift for her new room as well. I'm so excited to have found your site! It's perfect! You have exquisite taste!

Benicia, CA 

Awesome stuff that can't be found anywhere else! I love it!

Bogalusa, LA

I am completely re-decorating my daughter's room for her 13th Birthday. We were looking at bedding online and she went crazy over your site and products. Looking very forward to seeing her room completely finished :)

Huffman, TX

I saw yall's ad years ago in Seventeen. I've gotten two bedspreads from you guys, and I still absolutely love them! All of your stuff was adorable years ago - and it has gotten even better!! Hope business is well!

Montgomery, AL

Omg I love your stuff! The best stuff I've ever seen in my life.

Midland City, AL

I love this website so much I plan to decorate my new room with all products from Wake Up Frankie. Such a great idea.

Oakland, CA

Entire room is in paris theme/B&W. Looked everywhere for a bedding set to match. My search has ended!! Thank you!!

Louisville, KY

I am in LOVE with all the girly type items you sell! I can't wait to receive my catalog so I can start to order away! Thank you for having such a FABULOUS website for young classy and sexy ladies like myself! Take Care & Stay Blessed! :-)

Sacramento, CA


Houston, TX

First of all, I'd like to say that I think that all of the Wake Up Frankie designs and styles are FABULOUS! I'm a super fashionista and Wake Up Frankie is a dream come true! Super Kudos!

Blakely, GA

Dear Frankie, I have been a fan for a long time now. I love the fun things you have online & the decorating styles you show your fans.  I'm a mom of 5 kids but I still love the great thing you have here. I decorated my daughter's room with some of the great ideas I got from your website.  You offer fun styles that even I would love to use.  Thanks!

Pearland, TX

Looking for cool teen girl & boy bedding.  Not much out there that is really bold and beautiful.  You have the best site I have stumbled across, so far. Love your teen bedding. Neither JCPenney, nor Macy's have anything I would buy!

San Jose, CA

Hi Frankie. My name is Rebecca.  I actually found you on You Tube, but that wasn't a choice in your drop down.  Anywho, I love your style!  More videos please!!

Romulus, MI

Love your collections. Thank You for the creativity!

Corona, CA

I've never seen such a fabulous collection all together on one site. I'm in love!

Mesa, AZ

Love your stuff. I used to dream that I could have bedding like this and now I found your website and it's amazing!

Palmyra, ME

I am falling in love with this website! The stuff is unique and so amazing!

Browns Mills, NJ

I love your ideas! I am in the process of deciding what room I want to take as my own in my house, and I was having a hard time decideing what theme I would like. First, it was pink and zebra, then the beach, but I have now officially decided on a pink romantic couture theme. I love your room and your website has helped me so much! I also plan on purchasing most of myroom decor from your site!

Mogadore, OH

I actually went web surfing and found you. My youngest sister have been asking me for the longest time to help her decorate her room. She's 14 years old. Your stuff is good  for the both of us. But I think my husband my have a problem with our room being to girl. Oh well lol. Keep up the wonderful work.

Hollis, NY

I love everything I've seen from the site so far and definitely plan to order quite a few things for my new room!

North Conway, NH

Getting my first apartment finally and nothing was quite hitting the spot yet. Wake up Frankie is exactly what I had in mind! I wish you guys did bathrooms too!

Iowa City, IA

I LOVE the fact that Wake Up Frankie always has things for sale and in stock that fit MY style!

Sumtner, SC

I just wanted to say your stuff is amazing! I truly love every single one of them.


I love your website so much. I wish I could buy everything on it. Thanks Frankie :-)

Stone Mountain, GA

This is the absolute best site I have ever encountered!

Paintsville, KY

Heading off to college in the fall and didn't want the standard bedding. So happy I found this website!!

Holland, PA

Actually saw a video on youtube then I googled...Really love your site. I've been looking for great items like this for a while now. Since I live in the Caribbean(Trinidad), these items are harder to locate and need to bought online. I am so happy I found this site!!! I want to be a designer in the near future and your site has greatly inspired my mind with many ideas!! Thanks Frankie :-)


I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your things!!! Everything you carry is gorgeous!! So glad I stumbled on you!!! Beautiful!!

Tuxedo Park, NY

Hi, I'm writing for two reasons. To begin with, ever since I received my 1storder from you (a few months ago, for 2 cases - turquoise w/ gold fleur-de-lys), I've meant to write you about how much I love them!Honestly, I was not expecting them to be of such high quality: perfectly lined interior, extremely sturdy, w/ nary a stray stitch or sewing/construction ANYWHERE! Over the last decade, I've ordered a number of boxes, cases, etc. from  companies selling the sort of items that your store offers. They all looked great in the ads, but most of them disappointed me by being carelessly put-together, made of shoddy materials, or by having handles, pockets,etc. that ripped off or just came off entirely! (Some were even from major department stores & well-known online-only stores.) Your's are the only I've bought to meet my expectations - and to exceed them! Anyway, I wanted ask whether you have any more of the turquoise & gold cases I ordered. Probably not, but it can't hurt to ask, right? Thanks very much for having such a high-quality store.. and oh yeah, I also wanted to commend you on how QUICKLY my shipment arrived! Being in Los Angeles, CA, I expected a fairly long wait! (Also, everything was very securely packed; that is SO RARE!).


I came across you guys randomly searching google images for some shabby chic bedding. I must say I fell in love right when I saw yours. It's absolutely amazing! Everything is amazing. I'm so glad I found your site. Now I just have to find a job that can afford it!! Ha! Can't wait till the day I'm able to order the bedding. It's fantastic - you couldn't have done better!! Thanks.

Huntington Beach, CA

I love the unique items you offer. I originally was interested in your website for my 13 yr. old daughter. HOWEVER, I was even able to find items that I like as well.

Alabaster, AL

Love Love Love all the fashionable decor. Can't wait to start shopping for my 13 year old's room!

North Las Vegas, NV

OMG I can't believe I havent heard of you guys before.  I'm totally going to re-do my room and time here I come.

Seal Beach, CA

Grestest teen bedding ever. I would most definitely recommend this for teens as long as its your style.

Munford, TN

Looking for a trendy way to decorate my girls' bedroom that will grow up with them. I have been impressed with the looks that you carry.

Pine Hill, AL 

The most awsome stuff for rooms and decorating I have ever honestly seen!!!!! You guys rock!

Humboldt, KS

The most awesome stuff for rooms and decorating I have ever honestly seen!!!!! You guys rock!

Humboldt, KS

You are the site I've been searching for!  Great decor for my very fashionable daughters.  Can't wait for them to decide what to order.

Long Beach, CA

Searching for bedding for my tween and teen and amazingly came across your site with something they finally like. Thank god for you ;) Shopping for these two was getting old.

Casselton, ND

Searching for bedding for my tween and teen and amazingly came across your site with something they finally like. Thank god for you;) Shopping for these two was getting old.

Casselton, ND

Greatest teen bedding ever. I would most definitely recommend this for teens as long as its your style. 

Munford, TN

Looking for a trendy way to decorate my girls' bedroom that will grow up with them. I have been impressed with the looks that you carry.

Pine Hill, AL


District of Columbia, DC

Your things are so different and so neat. AWESOME!

Decatur, IL

Got this link through email. I am an interior designer and  think this would be great to show to clients with pre-teen or teen children.

Franklin, TN


Coldwater, MS

Beautiful!!! Just the room decor I searched so much for!!!!!!

Jayuya, PR

The first time I visited your site I  was inspired! The way you mix colors and designs are impeccable! The different types of designs were like I've never seen before but the one that I fell in love with the most was the vintage designs. The Cherry Blossom Art Panel and the Crunchy Art Panel Print were also inspiring and so beautiful!

Bristol, TN

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your ideas!  So far my mom chooses all of her collections for the rooms she designs from your magazines.  She does KILLER WORK and all her friends and even businesses are asking her to design for their stores. She does all our friends teen and baby rooms....She ROCKS and your products just make it that much easier for her to ROCK OUT! Thanks your the BEST!

Southaven, MS 

I love everything about this website. It has absolutely everything I'm into. The style is like you took everything I was trying to go for out of my head. This website is amazing!! And the products are top of the line :)

Rochester, NY

Just received my daughter's bedding order today as well as a couple of pendant light accessories. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!! Have recommended your site to many friends by email just now. Love it!!!


I am psyched for the "United Colours of the 60's"!!!  LOVE IT!!! Keep the psychedelic smokin hot colors comin...esp in faux fur and pleather/vinyl!!!  Now matching long window panels would be THE BEST!  Ifyou can, let me know when they are "ready" for LOVE!


I need new stuff because we are moving and it is my dream room and I never loved anything the way I love your stuff, so please can I have a catalog!!

Hancock, DE

I love your stuff...even the dresses in the magazines. I love the Paris look. Here in Waikiki everybody does the same old surf motif but even though I love to surf I still like to have my own style. Wwhen I'm in my dorm room, I like to feel like I'm in a posh bedroom in Paris. Mahalo

Waikiki, HI 

Just recieved the "Fashion Week" duvet set. Absolutely LOVE it!  I painted a city skyline in black and silver on a fuschia wall.  Painted one wall lime green and two opposite walls fuschia. The ceiling has a 23 1/2 inch green border, white in the center and a large green circle around a black pink and green chandelier. Around the inset lighting I painted black circles. It looks amazing with the comforter. I am still working on it. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

Wish you guys carried furniture. Chairs and accent pieces. Can't seem to find what I have in my head. Thanks again, and I love the smiley face drawn on the inside of the packing box.  You guys are great and evidentally everyone seems to love their job.

White Oak, TX

You are one creative girl. What a wonderful job you did - one of the prettiest I've seen yet. I am looking for ideas for my 15 yr. old. I also love to revamp old goodies I have and find. I hope you think of using your talent as a career. I am 49 and also creative. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!

courtesy of YouTube

Thank you Frankie for the amazing bedding and accessories!! Your collections just perfectly describe every girls dream room! Keep on rockin!

Monticello, AR

I totally adore your new 'peacock' set of bedding!!! Unique and beautiful colors. Oh, and I'm soon purchasing the takeout menus holder...great idea!!

Tehachapi, CA

I have 3 teens who love your product. Please rush a catalog so I can shop for the holidays.

Grants Pass, OR

I wish this would've been around when I was a kid!!

Gresham, OR

Frankie I just love you. You inspired me to study interior design. You know what would be a great idea? If you did the French looking headboards in metalliccolors, and had swavorski/rhinestone buttons!

Stockbridge, GA

Hello Frankie, just want to tell you that my daughter, Vanessa, loved the Tuxedo set and can't wait to order the remaining pieces so she can beautify her Bedroom!!!!!!!! Thank you so much and keep beautifying every girls bedroom!

Oswego, IL

Omg!! I love your bedding. I'm moving to a new house where I get a huge room and I'm totally re-doing it with your stuff. You're amazing!! THX!

Sisters, OR

OMG I love your style and everything so much! My room is themed like yours but I found it hard to find something that would tie it all together and things like bed sheets to make it look perfect and I found your site and I love it all! I was wondering how you came across the idea to make this company and how you make your stuff, or if I have any ideas could I email them to you. Thank you.

courtesy of YouTube

I love the way you decorate the rooms! I'm re-doing my room but since I'm in love with every bedspread & theme, I can't decide which to do.

Bronx, NY

I LOVE your bedding Frankie! You're so talented :-)

Hazelwood, MO

I love this place. It's so unique. I wish there were more places like this!!!

Kingsburg, CA

I can express myself through my room....I can express my room through Wake Up Frankie :)

Durant, MS

I love the duvet I got from you a couple of years ago. I still use it!

East Stroudsburg, PA

I love it! I've been looking for checkerboard room stuff and you have it!

Roscoe, TX

Love what you have Frankie. I wish it was all free. Everything is nice and just the way I like it. It's my fashion and can't wait to order the first thing that I want from there. My room is finally going to look good for the first time in five years. Thank you! LOVE YOU MUAH!

Tyler, TX

Have a 16 year old daughter who can't make up her mind on her room design. Can't wait for her to see your site.

Mount Pleasant, TN

Love your funky stuff! It's what I have been looking for.

Escondido, CA

I love love love this place! Your website design and catchy phrases/product descriptions make this a MUCH more appealing store than the other lame websites out there!

Topeka, KS

I love your website!!! I just happened to stumble upon it trying to look for something different for my 11-year old daughter. We are both tired of the same thing in all the catalogs.  No imagination but this is absolutely what we are looking for.  I would like a catalog to show my daughter. She will be absolutely thrilled.  I just want to suprise her because I know she'll love it!! 

Fort Wayne, IN

I love the designs from Frankie!!! You have a lot of talent and I hope that one day I can meet you!! I want to be a designer and you are my idol!!! 

San Diego, CA

I've finally found a site that I was looking for!! Something that really expresses how I want my bedroom to look. This company will help me make it my own.

Danbury, CT

I love your styles. Can't find anything like it in stores! I'm in love!

Durant, OK

Thank you Lauran for being so AWESOME and setting that Full/Queen Initial Impressions (R) (w/ the bigger R on the shams for us untill tomorrow, the 31st of March 2009. I really do appreciate it. I was certain the order had already processed weeks ago and was just late coming through the mail for some reason.  At any rate we thank you tons and tons for your help and great customer service...her room is going to look so cool, we can't wait to get it. I will call tomorrow to complete the transaction.


I found your site in my daughter's Seventeen Magazine, I think everything is adorable, I have 4 daughters and 6 grandaughters so they are going to be so excited when I come up with this really cool bedding for their birthdays!!! Can't wait for the catalog to show my friends! Thanks 

Burnet, TX

AMAZING SITE! I'm so glad I found it, makes me wish I had more than one bedroom to decorate! =D

Canyon Country, CA

I enjoy the unique style that you have come up with. This is really neat, because you can actually design a bedroom for you, not one that everyone has out of the store!

North East, PA

I love your diversity in fashion accessories for the average gal! I also love the fact that your stuff is not over priced, which is great with the economy being weird.

Gordonsville, TN

I love your stuff. I'm having trouble choosing because I want it all.

Carlsbad, CA

I love your stylish room stuff.  From the beddings to the pillows and the rugs, everything's all so gorgeous. I love Wake Up Frankie. 

Chester, PA

I absolutely love your stuff! It's awesome! I have been searching for really awesome bedroom stuff forever and I got my Seventeen Magazine and saw your ad inthe back and I knew Frankie's Bedroom was IT! You have ended my search! Thx

Lithonia, GA 

I love all of your products & collections! You have a style for every kind of girl!

Charlotte, NC

I love a lot of the things you have!!! They are SO awesome. I have NO clue how I'm going to pick just one of them!!

Clanton, AL

I really love the things they have. They are cool and fresh ideas that I would love to have in my room to make it how do i say it...POP!!

Philadelphia, PA

Love your crazy styles and patterns and furniture. They totally scream ME!

Columbus, OH

I just received my order and not only did it come fast and beautifully packaged, but all the things I ordered are just gorgeous and so much fun. I know my 15-year old will be so excited when her bedroom is finally decorated the way she wants it!  Thank you so much for being there.


LOVE LOVE LOVE Frankie's Room 2009 - I've always wanted to do mine very similar to this style and it was abfab to see it all put together and brought to life!!!!! Brava!!!!!

Canonsburg, PA 

Hello!  My daughter just received the Zebra print Ice Princess collection from my mom for her birthday.  I just wanted to say how excited and pleased we were with the quality and look of it all! 


I love the layout of this site, everything is so fun and cute looking! I am so going to make a purchase!

Cincinnati, OH

My girls and I love your cool, hip designs!!!  Great work.... Keep it up.

Ringgold, GA

I really like all the things you have for bedrooms. Its a way for me to keep my room looking stylish.

Ozark, MO

I'm so happy I have found a website that has my TASTE in BEDDING!!! I love your work. Keep it up...this is definetly my new home....Thank you

Daytona Beach, FL

We searched everywhere to find a bedding set that wasn't too old and flowery or too young and childish for my new room. Your website had so much to choose from. I'm looking forward to hanging out with my friends in my new LIPSTICK room.  The style is very me....THANK YOU.

Whitesburg, TN

Ready to re-do my other daughter's room (did my older daughter's 2 years ago, all from here) so can't wait to get catalog. Love your stuff!!!!  Best place on the Web and prices are great too!

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

I love your collections!! I can't wait until I can order my personalized comforter and pillows!!! Love ya!

Chelmsford, MA

I had the hardest time finding comforter sets for my 17 and 11 year old that were stylish, good quality, variety, that they liked that I was willing to pay for.  It was by luck that I stumbled across your website and I have ordered a full set for both rooms.  I was in JCPenny trying to order the 11 year old a set yesterday and thank God it was out of stock because this by far is better!  Now I have to return the one I bought for the 17 Year old but I will do that gladly!  I know we will be extremely pleased!  Thank you for designing comforters that cater to the the style and etiquette of young ladys!

Felton, DE

To everyone at Wake Up,

 I was the December 12th winner of the Holiday Giveaway contest and I just wanted to thank you again for my prize. The ornaments are adorable, I got multitudes of compliments on them after hanging them on our Christmas tree. You guys have the cutest things. I will definitely be doing some shopping at the site! 

Thanks and keep up the great work!! 

Lots of love,
Emily Y.

I LOVE all of your things! I recommended you to all my girlfriends and many of them have your stuff in their dorms!

Seagoville, TX

I love your bed spreads! I'm gettin to re-do my room and I  need ideas on what I want I want to do! I can't wait to get the mag and  look through it. I know what I want will be in always is!!

Beebe, AR

My daughters (15 & 22) both love the items on your site. I look forward to receiving your catalog!

Dalton, GA

I love your stuff!!!! It's girly yet edgy. It's for any type of girl.

Sacramento, CA

I LOVE your stuff. I never saw anything like this before. Keep up the GOOD work!

Muskogee, OK

I think this website is so awesome. It gives me so many ideas for my room. I'm doing my room in zebra print and  pink & black. Thank you! 

Cleveland, TX

I LOVE YOUR STORE!!! It's beyond fantastic. Thank you for creating these items!

Darnestown, MD

I really love this site and all the fun/colorful items on it. Very cute, pretty, and stylish for any fashion style! :)

Interlaken, NY

Hey Wake up Frankie,I absolutely love your stuff. It's amazing and have funky great ideas on ways to decorate a teen room. I am getting a new room in the attic and I am definitely using some of this stuff. 

By the way, where did you get your polka dot bedspread I want it. :)


Ok.. I’m 41 and LOVE LOVE LOVE your stuff. Soooooooooooooo...I know for a fact your age range is 13-41!

You have my dream store!!!  I have been collecting furry boots (46 pair) for years...and LOVE all things furry and quirky...

If you had employment opportunities...I'd up and move to Chicago...

Just wanted to drop you a note..thanks for being innovative and putting some style back on the internet...

It should read...(ahem ahem...sorry clearing throat)...


Ages 13- to the young at heart....


I love all of your stuff. I recommended it to all of my friends forcollege.

Orange, TX

Everthing you guys have is so up to date, cute and fashionable. I love it!

Santa Ana, CA

I've loved Wake Up Frankie for years!

Colchester, IL

U guys whoever comes up with all the ideas with the comforters is a genius because they are just amazing!!!!

Edgewood, MD

I'm going to college next summer and I cannot wait to decorate my room with ya'lls products!!! :)

Tehuacana, TX

I absolutely love the things I saw in Seventeen and can't wait to start ordering.

Memphis, TN

Just love everything! It's hard to choose what you really like. FRANKIE you're the best !!!!

Chicago, IL

You guys are the best I love everything about it. It adds a teen and adult touch to my bedroom!!!!

West Covina, CA

I adore your bedding and stuff! When I move, I'm having my room done EXACTLY like it is in the picture. Love ya.

Midland, PA

I love the products. They have personality to them. I love it. Keep up the good work.

Brooklyn, NY

I am redecorating my room and I love several collections you have. I was so happy to find you. Your collections are fun, funky, and different, which is just what I want!!

Katy, TX

Love you guys and hopefully one day I'll work for you.

Hollis, NY

I notice you have alot of things that fit my personality and that's awesome because I can't find anything else that does except in your catalog and on your website.

Lubbock, TX

I love your are so unique with your skills!!!

Fort Wayne, IN

I love your about best dorm ever!

Vestaburg, MI

I just wanted to say I really love your collections. I am 25 years old, but I do love the unique and original stuff and it is very hard to find stuff that I really like. Please continue being so awesome! Thanks.

Stockton, CA

Your stuff is so cute and totally up to date.

Scottsboro, AL

Love the site - love all the videos - from the "woman on the street" to the girl screaming for color!!! LOVE IT!

You guys have the coolest sheets for you can't find any of this stuff in retail stores. You guys are awesome!

Worchester, MA

You have the cutest things! I'll be heading to college pretty quick and I just wanted to let you know I'll definitely be getting everything from ya'll! Thanks for having such great items and I love the blogs!


You were the inspiration for the first room I designed myself about 5 years ago. I love your funky style.

Burkburnett, TX

I love every single thing in this website!

South Pasadena, CA

Your stuff is unique and YOU ROCK!

Arlington, TX

What a great site!! I am a decorator and my current project is a 14 year old girl's bedroom. This is going to be so easy now that I found you.

New Port Richey, FL

Love your stuff!!! In a month and a half I'm re-doing my room and I'm totally getting most of the stuff from here!!!

Long Beach, MS

This website has the coolest stuff since sliced bread!

Sugar Land, TX

This is the best website i cant wait to redo my room with the Lipstick collection! THANKS!!!


HI! I love my black and red WAKE UP FRANKIE satin comforter that i got back in 2004... but its time to replace it.


I've always dreamed about having a room with poppy, out of this world colors and patterns but I've never found anything quite like what I was imagining for my room until I found Wake Up Frankie! I was blown away! It finally fit my style. I want to give you huge props on your designs... they're outstanding! I love it because now I can actually decorate my room with things that perfectly fit my style (since I can't create my own designs) haha. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Jamestown, NY

I love this website! It's the bomb man!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!

Nashville, GA

Oh my God! Where have you been? I stumbled across your website looking for funky light fixtures. What a find! My heart was palpitating as I viewed every item in your inventory. I am currently working on a bedroom for my little granddaughter, Briana (2 1/2 years old). We are doing it in a kind of funky, Parisian, pink and black polka-dottie sort of way and I wish I could order virtually everything I saw on your website. I started a wish list and have to go back and refine my selections so I don't go broke in the process. I LOVE IT ALL!! I WANT IT ALL!! I will be placing my first order very soon and look forward to seeing more fabulous, funky finds. Please, please keep me informed about any new collections and items. I am so glad I found you!

Katy, TX

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